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Tri-arach Consulting

Tri-Arach Consulting is a dynamic, mission-oriented, consulting team focused on translating decades of Special Operations unique knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experience into customer context forming a collaborative partnership

Open Project
Project Description

Praxis Creative was hired to develop a branding identity, and website for Tri-Arach.

Tri-Arach already had a logo, but it needed updating with a clean modern look and feel. Their logo..Tri-Arach, Gaelic for “three dragons”. In Celtic Lore dragons were used as a symbol of power and wisdom. Tri-Arach Dragons take from the leadership paradigm of “Be, Know, Do.” To “Be” you must be able to visualize and establish objectives. To “know” you must learn and train. To “Do” you must develop a strategy and more importantly, act.