Your Focus Determines Your Reality

Your Focus Determines Your Reality


Hey! Another Star Wars reference. I bet you thought we covered that subject in the previous blog. What can I say? Jedis kick some serious wisdom.

The words are true though. Your focus does determines your reality.

As you strive for a sense of balance and structure, you may tend to think that you have a sense of control over life. Take a moment and ask, “Do I really have control?”

As a business owner and creative designer, you might assume that having a sense of control would be most important when it comes to organization and development of a business or marketing plan. You’d like to believe that you can forecast the future and predict profit and success. Well, that kind of control would be nice, but it’s an illusion. So many variables come into play where business and life are concerned. You can design a plan and have contingency plans yet unseen variables get in the way and derail the plan in motion. Let’s call these unseen variables, “focus derailments.”


Similar to a high speed locomotive being propelled on its journey from one location to another, being focused keeps your mission on track from the start of your business venture to the present. Sometimes, unanticipated events occur, such as traffic delays, canceled meetings, paperwork glitches, and numerous unforeseen occurrences. That’s when you, like the train carrying its cargo, may experience delays in getting to your destination.

Of course, uncontrollable events can’t always be anticipated. You can’t account for every factor, but you can control your reaction. So when you’re stuck in traffic, a meeting gets canceled, or paperwork is lost, the best immediate thing to do is remain calm. Take a few breaths. Allow ten minutes to pass before reacting further. During these moments, you may be able to find alternatives, options, and, perhaps, solutions.

Know that you are like the train’s conductor and can only guide the flow of the process. So, as a business owner, you have to be more fluid with your plans. Sometimes, you have to bend, but when you do, stay focused on your objective and be mindful of your surroundings. Don’t lose sight of where you’re heading. Because with life’s unexpected “monkey wrenches,” it’s easy to get derailed. Don’t focus on the small issues and “Keep your eyes on the prize.” Otherwise, you may become frustrated and risk losing focus on your destination, which is growing a successful and profitable business.

So, do your best to avoid “focus derailments” but realize that you will encounter obstacles along your journey. Remember that there are always options in dealing with unforeseen problems, but the obvious solution isn’t always the only solution.